Freedom Allergy: Specializing in Pediatric Asthma

My child has asthma – shouldn’t I take him/her to a pediatric pulmonologist?

Parents of children with asthma often have to schedule appointments months down the road, or travel long distances to visit a pediatric pulmonologist.  As a pediatric allergist, Dr. Agrawal also specializes in pediatric asthma.  Not all types of asthma are the same, and allergists are trained to look at the whole picture of a child’s asthma.  Allergic (extrinsic) asthma requires one type of treatment, and non-allergic (intrinsic) asthma requires a different type of treatment.  Wheezing can also be the result of other problems besides asthma, such as acid reflux or an infection.  Dr. Agrawal is an expert in recognizing and treating both allergic and non-allergic asthma, and can help develop the best management plan for your child.