Immigration Exam


Immigration Questionnaire (Online) form

Please fill-in and submit the above Online form (first page only)  for each applicant.  Or you may print this  (PDF) form  and email it to [email protected] 

(The second page of the questionnaire is for clinical use and for your information only).

Once we receive the questionnaire, we will call the applicant to set up an appointment. Walk-in
appointments are not permitted.

Total time for the appointment is usually one hour.

Once the application is finalized and signed by Dr. Agrawal, the office will call you. The whole
process can take between 5 to 10 business days. Insurance will not be accepted for your

What to bring with you to your exam AFTER your appointment is scheduled:

Please bring any past vaccine records and a government-issued photo ID with you (i.e., Passport,
Driver’s License or Official Government ID Card).
After check-in, we will review which vaccines and labs are needed, along with your medical
history, and then perform the exam.

You will be given a walk-in lab order to Quest Diagnostics for the (QuantiFERON) TB blood test.
This lab order will include a test for Gonorrhea for all applicants 15 and older.
Quest Diagnostics will send us the results usually within 4 or 5 days. If the results are positive,
you will be required to have a chest X-ray. Out-Patient Imaging is a walk-in imaging facility near
our office that charges around $75. You will be responsible to pay for the X-ray, if required.

Total Cost:

The cost of the medical exam is $200, without any vaccines or labs. Most applicants need both
vaccines and labs. Payment is by cash or card only. K-1 or K-2 Visa is $75 plus the cost of any
vaccines needed.

Immunization/Lab Cost and Requirements:

*  FLU - to be administered at local pharmacy - Flu season is from 1 Oct through 31 Mar
*  TDAP - for all ages, and given within the last 10 years - $100
*  MMR - for anyone born after 1956 and given at least once within your lifetime - $100
*  Pneumovax - for patients 65 or older - $135

*  Covid-19 - Proof of receiving both vaccinations is required, including name of manufacturer. (Covid vaccines are required for ages 5 years and older) – to be administered at local pharmacy 

*  QuantiFERON (TB) - for all ages 2 years and older, and tested within the last year - $110
 If previous positive PPD (TB), a Chest X-ray will be required.
*  RPR- for ages 15 and above, tested within the last 6 months - $25
*  Gonorrhea- for ages 15 above, tested within the last 6 months - $40

We do not accept medical insurance for Immigration Exams, Lab fees or Vaccinations.

We accept Cash or Credit Cards for payment. Checks are not accepted.