Immigration Exam


Immigration Questionnaire (Online) form

Please submit the above Online form for each applicant.  Alternatively, you may print this  (PDF) form  and email it to [email protected] 

Once we receive the questionnaire, we will call you to set up an appointment. Walk-in appointments are not permitted.

Total time for the appointment is one hour.

Cost of Vaccinations and Exam:

The cost of the medical exam is $200, without any vaccines or labs. Most applicants need both
vaccines and labs. Payment is by cash or card only. K-1 or K-2 Visa is $75 plus the cost of any
vaccines needed.

Required Immunizations and Lab Costs:

*  FLU - to be administered at local pharmacy - Flu season is from 1 Oct through 31 Mar
*  TDAP - for all ages, and given within the last 10 years - $100
*  MMR - for anyone born after 1956 and given at least once within your lifetime - $100

*  Pneumovax - for patients 65 or older - $135

*  Covid-19 - Proof of receiving both vaccinations is required, including name of manufacturer. (Covid vaccines are required for ages 5 years and older) – to be administered at local pharmacy 

*Hepatitis B - for anyone aged from birth - 59 years - to be administered at local pharmacy or health department

*  QuantiFERON (TB) - for all ages 2 years and older, and tested within the last year - $110
 If previous positive PPD (TB), a Chest X-ray will be required.
*  RPR- for ages 15 and above, tested within the last 6 months - $25
*  Gonorrhea- for ages 15 above, tested within the last 6 months - $40

What to bring with you to your exam AFTER your appointment is scheduled:

Please bring any past vaccine records and a government-issued photo ID with you (i.e., Passport,
Driver’s License or Official Government ID Card).

After check-in, we will review which vaccines and labs are needed, along with your medical history, and then perform the exam.

You will be given a walk-in lab order to Quest Diagnostics for the (QuantiFERON) TB blood test.
This lab order will include a test for Gonorrhea for all applicants 15 and older.
Quest Diagnostics will send us the results usually within 4 or 5 days. 

(If the TB blood test results are positive, you will be required to have a chest X-ray. Out-Patient Imaging is a walk-in imaging facility near
our office that charges around $75. You will be responsible to pay for the X-ray, if required.)

Once the application is finalized and signed by the doctor, the office will call you. The process can take between 5 to 10 business days. Insurance will not be accepted for your appointment.

We do not accept medical insurance for Immigration Exams, Lab fees or Vaccinations.

We accept Cash or Credit Cards - checks are not accepted.