Rush Immunotherapy Instructions

Allergy Treatment, Rush Immunotherapy, Atlanta, Peachtree City, Georgia

What To Do Prior to your Appointment

Our office will send prescriptions for Prednisone, Singulair (Montelukast) and an epinephrine auto-injector.  The patient will need to purchase Zyrtec and Zantac, over-the-counter medications.  The medication listed in the chart should be taken starting two days prior to your RUSH immunotherapy appointment, and also on the morning of your appointment.

Day 1

Adult Instructions
To be taken in the Morning:
Zantac – 300 mg
Zyrtec – 10 mg
Prednisone – 60 mg with a meal
(3 tablets of 20mg together)
Montelukast/Singular – 10 mg

Child Instructions
To be taken in the Morning:
Zantac – 6 mg/kg (children under 12 y.o.)
Zyrtec – 5 mg
Prednisone – 1 mg/kg with a meal
Montelukast/Singular – 5 mg (children under 15 y.o.)


Repeat Day 1

Repeat Day 1


Repeat Day 1

Repeat Day 1

(RUSH Day at Office)

(take medication before coming to your RUSH appointment)

(take medication before coming to your RUSH appointment)

**Bring your epinephrine auto-injector to your RUSH appointment.**

What to Expect on RUSH Day

Be sure to eat a complete breakfast before arriving to the office, and take your morning medications.  Bring your epinephrine auto-injector to the appointment.

A total of 6-8 allergy shots will be given at 15-20 minute intervals, in increasing concentration, over a course of 3-4 hours.  Patient will be monitored continuously to ensure shots are being tolerated.  There will be a one-hour wait period after the last shot to monitor the patient.

You will remain in the office during the entire visit, so bring snacks and drinks, and items to occupy your time.  You may bring your laptop/tablets, and wi-fi is available in the office.  Depending on your appointment time, you may also bring a lunch.

What Happens Afterwards

It is advised to avoid lifting and strenuous exercise for the remainder of the day after RUSH.

Some patients may experience a delayed onset of hives or other allergic symptoms during the evening following the procedure.  Call our office if you develop such problems.  If it is after-hours and you receive the office voicemail, please leave a message, and it will be returned promptly.

You will be instructed to return to the clinic for your next allergy shot(s) in 3-7 days, then weekly, and once a stable maintenance dose has been established every 3-4 weeks.